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How to choose LED stadium lighting?
Nov 17, 2017

The quality of the LED stadium lighting directly affects the actual level of the athletes, but also the long-term operating costs of managers.    The selection of high-power lighting can meet the requirements of lighting, but the purchase cost is high, glare everbright, the temperature in the field is difficult to control, multi-level illuminance control difficulties, operating costs and high cost of adverse factors, seriously affecting the comprehensive use of the library function. At present, in addition to the national large-scale venues require specialization, specificity of the game function, are used in the medium power ($literal), glare small, control the series of many, practical functions more flexible efficient energy-saving lamps. 

ZHGL-led sport lighting-1000P.jpg

In the case of ensuring that the lighting quality standards are not lowered, the site lighting system is controlled by both intelligent and manual modes, according to the Competition and activity category choose LED stadium lighting Open Way, namely: longitudinal, transverse illumination, oblique, deep cross type illumination, let the venue bright but not glare, the standard high and the power is low, the visual relay effect is good, in order to scientific, practical, the effect is better.