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How to choose outdoor high-power LED floodlights?
Jan 16, 2018

High-power LED floodlights mainly refers to the power in a single power of more than 1W for high-power. Ordinary lights 0.05w or less.

Power LED floodlights is less power consumption, low power consumption more.

When consumers buy LED lamps, manufacturers often see the high-power or small power logo, then the main difference between high-power and low-power What is the difference? Your ideal lamp should use high-power lamps or small power?

Zhihai LED lighting manufacturers tell you more about this question.


LED lamp beads of different power

As the name implies, high-power single-bead lamp is 1W or more, or COB is a kind of integrated light source, which can make even light, no dead light, no plaque, soft fiber and no glare. High-power LED flood light, single LED power can do more than 200W.

Low-power LED lights, the general is the use of SMD lamp beads, including these types: 5050 lamp beads, each 0.2W, 3528 lamp beads, each 0.06W, 3014 lamp beads, each 0.01W, 5630 lamp beads, Each 0.5W, 5730 lamp beads, each 0.5W.