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How to design indoor basketball court lighting?
Jan 25, 2018

Recently, many customers find us to do basketball lighting design. So, I am here today to write an article on basketball court lighting, this article is for reference only. Specific lighting program also set according to the needs of each client to do.

1, the illumination standard of the basketball court (GB): amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx, general competition: 300lx-500lx, official competition: 500-750-higher (1500lx). Audience 30lx-100lx.

1000W LED Sports Floodlight.jpg

2, Installation Environment Description: According to the "Basketball Rules" promulgated by FIBA and the National Sports Commission, a standard tennis court covers an area of not less than 28 meters (length) × 15 meters (width)

  3, professional advice: the lighting of the basketball court lighting should use metal halide lamp (white light) or LED lighting;

Lighting should use flood type, reflector should be clear, it is best to use integrated lighting;

Light power according to the lamp height, light density cloth and light.

According to different competition levels, lights can be grouped control;

Lamp height of 6-8 meters is appropriate, installed in the upper part of the line of sight;