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How to figure out how much space to use LED flood lights?
Jan 12, 2018

For a led flood lighting, the more important to participate in are: power, flux, beam angle, color temperature, color rendering index power, without explaining the luminous flux, the same beam angle case, the greater the luminous flux, the more light beam angle.

 Can be understood as the range of light emitting lamps, as shown in the following two figures, if the two lamps luminous flux, the lamps above all the light are concentrated in a small range of angles, so the scope of the lamp is relatively small, but was The brightness of the part to be taken will be larger. 

120W  SMD LED Floodlight.jpg

The larger beam angle in the image below shows the opposite result. CCT color temperature, a simple understanding of light color, low color temperature yellow, high color temperature blue (white), the living room color temperature 5000 ~ 6000K, living room color temperature 3000K or so. Color rendering index CRI, the higher the color rendering index, the color of the object seen in the light closer to its own color, about the case of home lighting color rendering index needs more than 85.