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How To Solve LED Flood light Heat Dissipation?
Jan 13, 2018

The heat dissipation by a plurality of heat sink stack composition, in the central position of the fins of each heat sink is provided with a groove, and after each heat sink is stacked, the slots are folded to form the accommodating space, and a plurality of perforation is arranged on the sheet body of the heat sink, and after each heat sink is stacked, a plurality of heat dissipation channels are formed.

LED Airport Lighting.jpg 

The guide plume is accommodated in the accommodating space formed by the fins, and with the heat sink tightly bonded to absorb the heat generated by the LED flood light, through the body's superposition characteristics, not only to match the heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns required to increase or decrease the size of the radiator, but also through the heat sink formed by the Heat channel, To increase the heat dissipation efficiency of the heat dissipation body. As a High-tech energy-saving lighting industry practitioners must recognize that, good lighting cooling includes heat conduction, temperature, heat exchange and other complex heat transfer basis, not some manufacturers claim to use space technology or nano-technology, such as a single original or materials can be resolved, LED flood light performance must have scientific theory to do support, Perfect design for the policy, good process as the basis, and finally in the third Fair unit of the test report as the basis, so that will not be repeated light decline in the industry to impede the development of the vicious circle.