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LED Street Light With ZigBee Wireless Street Lamp Controller
Jan 17, 2018

LED Street light series ZBEE embedded wireless data communication module, communication distance, anti-interference ability, flexible networking advantages and features, strong networking capabilities and transmission performance in the practical application of the project has played a huge performance advantage in the actual Wireless street lamp remote monitoring and control system in the performance of stable, well-functioning, in practical applications has made unprecedented breakthroughs.

150W LED Street Light.jpg

This section project overview

1. A total of 200 single-lane street lamps, each cistern install a cis-wireless module, a single wireless network design;

2. The module adopts Shun SZ05 series embedded module, each module is a routing node, STD standard ADV type of module used in conjunction;

3. The installation of the main control center of the led street light wireless central station, installed at one end of the road;

4: to achieve the lights telemetry, remote control and remote signaling capabilities;

5: to achieve single-lamp street lamp measurement and control functions;

6: to achieve the control of the entire line of street lights.

This section project advantages

1. Large network size, single link node number;

2. With GPRS communication, remote measurement and control functions

3. Anti-interference ability;

4. Reliable data link mechanism to ensure reliable communications;

5. Industrial application standards.