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The brief introduction of indoor table tennis lighting way
Feb 10, 2018

Table tennis, is a world popular ball sports, but also China's national ball. Table tennis is a skill-oriented project, originated in the United Kingdom. Because a lot of people asked how to decorate the table tennis court, the following is the brief introduction of indoor table tennis lighting way.

500w table tennis lighting-1.jpg

Because the size of the table is small, the ball is small and the ball is quick, attack and defense rhythm, attack and defense conversion fast, so the lighting layout is very critical, the direction of the lamp should be perpendicular to the direction of the game, so that athletes and spectators can easily track the ball, the table tennis lighting system is generally on both sides of the game is symmetrical, for the use of cameras to provide great flexibility, The ratio of vertical illumination to each side should not exceed 1.5. 

Table Tennis Hall If you provide a CAD floor plan or provide the basic size parameters of the site, you can be responsible for the light position design, illumination simulation, provide the best lighting scheme, with less light, low power, to meet the entertainment, training, competition lighting demand brightness.