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What are the causes of dead light of high power integrated light source
Jan 24, 2018

Integrated LED light source is the number of LED chips integrated package in the same bracket, through the internal connection, high-power LED to achieve a package, larger, power generally 10W or more, usually refers to the CHIP on Board package Form (abbreviation: COB). With the popularization of  LED flood lights, the advantages of integrated LED light source in lighting applications are gradually recognized by the industry and have gradually become the trend of lighting applications.

400W LED Floodlight-11.jpg

In the LED integrated light source and its application, LED finished product customer end use for a period of time, are likely to encounter the light does not light (dead light) situation, after the light source product analysis, resulting in dead lights can be divided into the following reasons Species:

Analysis of bad reasons: LED flood light source storage, packaging, welding applications electrostatic damage (human body, environment and equipment and other factors).

Improvement points: ESD protection including storage / operating environment, equipment / equipment grounding, body static protection. Zhihai power technology company requires every employee to wear LED lamps must wear anti-static bracelet, in the assembly process to eliminate static damage to the LED chip.