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What are the importances of led stadium lighting?
Feb 28, 2018

For a modern stadium, not only requires beautiful and generous appearance of the building, all kinds of sports equipment, complete and perfect, and requires a good lighting environment, which requires a suitable and uniform illumination and brightness, the ideal light color, three-dimensional and non-glare Wait. 

  In addition to guaranteeing a good view of the audience, the led stadium lighting requirements for referees, athletes and events must also be guaranteed and good television coverage assured.

  Lighting is to rely on the function of light, to ensure that the led arena lights act on the eyes of the athletes, referees, spectators, visual, in order to see all the sports venues, such as the light and dark environment of the venue, objects and equipment, clothing and clothing surface color, Shape and size, depth, three-dimensional and athletes when the state and the stadium sports atmosphere and so on. 

led stadium lighting.jpg

Therefore, good lighting occupies an important place in the modern stadium.

 In general, in a stadium lighting design, the following three factors should be considered: (1) To meet the visual requirements of athletes during sports games and to minimize the objective impact of the lights on the race. (2) to meet the visual requirements of the audience to minimize the feeling of discomfort caused by the light when watching the game. (3) Meet the lighting requirements of TV broadcast, and try to improve the quality of broadcast.