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What are the requirements of football stadium lights?
Mar 07, 2018

Uniformity of illumination The national standard provides uniformity of illumination. The ratio of the minimum value to the maximum value of vertical illumination should not be less than 0.4 and the ratio of the average vertical illumination to the average horizontal illumination should not be less than 0.25 in the main camera direction in sports venues lighting. The ratio of the minimum value to the maximum value of horizontal illumination of sports venues should not be less than 0.5 ; Vertical auditorium illumination should not be less than 0.25. 

Glare control Choose the appropriate football stadium lights with the smallest shading angle of the rigorous control of its pitch angle to effectively control the glare. National standards: indoor stadium glare index GR ≤ 40, outdoor stadium glare index GR ≤ 500.

Requirements for color rendering of light source According to China's sports lighting standards and relevant foreign regulations, the color rendering coefficients of light sources are as follows: Domestic and international competitions with television have a color rendering index of Ra≥80 and a competition of high-definition television broadcasting Its color rendering index Ra ≥ 90. 

1000w LED stadium Light .jpg

Light source and lighting performance requirements: 1) light source: competition light source based on economical and practical, reliable quality of the basic principles recommended imported or joint venture brand 1000W metal halide bulbs, color rendering index Ra ≥ 90. 2) Lamps: Competition lamps are imported or joint venture famous brand lamps and lanterns matched with light sources. The specific requirements are as follows: A. Reflector C made of high-pressure cast aluminum lamp shell B and imported high-purity anode or coated aluminum plate can be easily replaced Bulb D, degree of protection can reach IP65 E, there are two or more light distribution curve to choose from.

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