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Application Of Analytic Sensor Technology In LED Lighting Lamps
Jan 30, 2018

The biggest difference between LED flood lights and traditional flood lighting, LED flood lighting is a complete electronic products, and traditional lighting is only an electrical product. Therefore, LED lamps can be easily associated with various types of sensors, so as to achieve light control, infrared control, such as a variety of automation functions. such as LED street lamp automatic switch, with a photosensitive sensor can be simple to achieve; Community night walkway and courtyard lighting, can use infrared sensors to collect human activity information, automatic opening and closing of lighting fixtures.

500w led flood light-1.jpg

 LED Flood Light switch automatic control sensor as signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion device, its electromechanical technology has been quite mature, in recent years, the emergence of MEMS technology sensor technology to miniaturization, intelligence, multi-function, low-cost to stride forward. photosensitive sensors, infrared sensors and other types of sensors can be composed of LED lighting with an intelligent control system, sensors will collect a variety of physical signals into electrical signals, can be integrated into the ad converter, MCU, da Converter for the acquisition of the signal intelligent processing, Control led flood light outdoor to open and close. 

Xi'an Zhihai lighting Factory found that human can be in this MCU set a variety of control requirements, control LED lights switch time, brightness, color, colorful changes, so as to achieve energy saving goals. The current integrated circuit manufacturing technology has been able to integrate the ad, DA, MCU in a 5x5mm or smaller package, installed in the lamp is not occupied area and very convenient.