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How To Choose Led Explosion-proof Flood Light?
Feb 01, 2018

Our square led explosion-proof flood light is made of imported lamp beads, many users and purchasing chamber of unlimited prices, in the face of some manufacturers will be the power of the virtual out, so that will harm their own, I also often encounter a lot of customers, but I can do can't do it. So the customers who start to undercut me will come back for me, some customers are also bought other people's lamp not long to come to me, said that in others to buy the lamp is not bright, and some installed up without a few days will not be lit, this is not alarmist, generally everyone in the buy, is not what I said.

CES-J200 (1).gif

The lighting production of gas station lamps for example: 1: Waterproof and dustproof, when necessary Explosion Proof Lighting

2: Suction top, boom, embedded installation, convenient roof openings 

3: Light source electrical stability, good heat dissipation, brightness, white or yellow light optional. 

4: The warranty time is long, five years long. 

5: Delivery speed, do not go dealers, the price of a straight line down. 6: The after-sale service is safe.

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