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How To Choose Sports Venue Lighting With Led Flood Light?
Feb 23, 2018

Modern sports is developing with the development of human society. Sports can not be separated from the construction of venues. The lighting design of stadiums is characterized by large illumination space, far distance, illuminance technology requirements, so its site lighting general selection of high efficiency, long-life professional lighting.

 The stadium lighting design is focused on the sport venue lighting. That is, competition lights. Hall Lighting is a powerful, technical and difficult design. In order to meet the requirements of sports competitions, it is beneficial to the athletes ' technical level and the referee's correct judgment, which is beneficial to the viewing effect of all sides in the auditorium. 

The gymnasium design must pay special attention to the color TV live broadcast, in order to ensure the broadcast picture vivid and clear, the color is lifelike, to the vertical illumination, the illumination uniformity and the three-dimensional, the light source's color temperature and the coloration and so on has the specific request. Whether the lighting design of gymnasium can meet the requirements of illumination standard and illumination quality is one of the main signs of a gymnasium. 

400w LED Outdoor Flood Light.jpg

Badminton, table tennis and other spheres in the air is a multiple direction, Multi-angle flight, the ball players are multi-angle, many opposite, with different speed of movement, the human eye and badminton and table tennis body is always a tracking capture focus imaging process. The athlete's playing course is the process of tracking the ball's flight trajectory and aerial positioning. According to the characteristics of indoor sports venues lighting, Badminton Hall and table tennis Hall, such as indoor sports venues lighting quality objectives are as follows: on the whole to reach the stadium lighting as the day. 

Light color pure white, pure color, bright and clear. The light is stable, smooth, and not fluctuating, no strobe effect, no glare, no glare, no lighting, no dazzling, no dazzling, no glare, no dazzling, and ensure the badminton and table tennis in the Air flight trajectory is true, do not drag tail, not ghosting, aerial positioning true and accurate. The athlete can play the ball well, play steadily and visually comfortably. Not tired.