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How To Design Sports Venue Lighting With 400w Led Flood Light?
Mar 28, 2018

Sports lighting, the lighting industry is a partial door, the general lighting designers difficult to encounter, large area sports lighting projects, ordinary lighting designers can encounter is also the entertainment nature of the sports lighting. Next, the bottle should talk about the lighting design of outdoor basketball court.

 Due to the various lighting products on the market efficiency of different, in specific projects, according to the selected product quantity or power of the appropriate adjustment. Single-chip outdoor basketball court, the size of the site 28mx14m, on both sides of the site from the sideline 3m placed 3 pole, pole high 8m, rod spacing 17m, each pole placed 2 sets of 400W gold halide cast light. 

badminton court lighting.jpg

1, light Source: 400W led flood light, color temperature 4000K, luminous flux 34000lm (depending on the manufacturer model different, luminous flux will have some differences, please adjust according to the actual situation). 

2, Lamps: sports venue lighting, is also known as led flood light, the name because of the manufacturer, the efficiency is also, with light is actually (fool book series when it is right, not considered). The lighting efficiency in this program is 68%, please use this guide according to the selected lamps. 

3, lamp pole height: 8m, commonly used height 8~12m. 

4, lamp projection angle: According to the calculation results of real-time adjustment, to ensure uniformity and low glare of the premise of how you project. 5, Control: all lamps and lanterns together switch.