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LED Projection Lighting Install And Use
Sep 08, 2017

LED floodlight LED floodlight, LED spotlight, LED projector lamp. LED project-light lamp by microchip control, two kinds of existing product, a type of reactive power chip combination, with one high-power chips, another kind of performance is stable, the former single large high-power product structure, suitable for small range of cast light irradiation, which can achieve high power, can undertake large cast light over a long distance.

LED lighting lights make the lamp that specifies the illumination above the surrounding environment, also known as the spotlight. Usually, it can be aimed at any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climate conditions. It is mainly used for large-scale operation field, building outline, stadium, overpass, monument, park and flower bed. Therefore, almost all outdoor use of large areas of lighting can be regarded as the lighting

Features: using LED lighting comprehensive technology, according to the characteristics of the LED semiconductor luminescence, clever circuit design and the unique illumination geometry appearance make the LED lamp power saving can reach more than 80%, the real reached a high efficiency and energy saving. Super long service life, up to 50,000 hours, in a variety of special circumstances, such as low temperature, high temperature conditions can be used well. It solves the problem of low power and low brightness of semiconductor electric light source in the lighting field, and shows excellent high brightness characteristics. No ballast, no starting difficulties, perfect overflows, overpressure, short circuit, temperature, surge protection, the optical properties of its lighting are brighter and more perfect than the 75W / 400W / 1000W metal halogen lamps.

The commonly used LED lighting lights in the market are basically 1W high power LED (each LED element will have a high photoelectric lens made of PMMA,

Its main function is to allocate the light from secondary leds for secondary optics, which is also known as secondary optics. There are also a few companies that have chosen a 3W or even more powerful LED because of the heat dissipation technology. Suitable for large occasions lighting, building and other outdoor lighting. What else should I pay attention to?

1. High purity aluminum reflector, the beam is the most accurate, the reflected effect is the best.

2. Symmetrical narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric optical system.

3. Change the light bulb in the back, easy to maintain.

4, lamps and lanterns is convenient to adjust the irradiation Angle calibration board are provided. The LED project-light lamp by microchip control, in the small engineering applications, can be used without the controller, can realize the gradient, jump, color twinkle twinkle, random, alternating gradient dynamic effect, also can be controlled by DMX, pursue, such as scanning effect. Its main application site about these: monomer architecture, historical buildings facade lighting, building light outside the local lighting, landscape lighting, indoor lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities, bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere illumination and so on.

Note: high purity aluminum reflector, most accurate light beam, reflective effect best, symmetrical narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric light distribution system, behind open replacement bulbs, lamps and lanterns of simple maintenance, convenient to adjust the irradiation Angle calibration board are provided.

Install and use

The lighting lamp can be used for single installation or multi-lamp combination, which can be installed on a pole of more than 20m. In addition to the features of aesthetic appearance, centralized maintenance, fewer lamp posts and floor area, the biggest advantage is that it has a strong lighting function. When the light is projected from height, the space of the environment is bright and bright. It gives people a similar sense of day, so they have higher lighting quality and visual effect. In order to meet the minimum safety performance requirements for outdoor use, the protection grade of the lighting lamp should be IP x 3 (open type). In order to improve the durable performance of the lamps and reduce the maintenance workload, people pay more and more attention to the development of a closed - type lighting lamp with a high cost of one-time investment, and the protection grade of the shell is IP55.

In order to further improve the light output ratio of lamps, the reflector tends to adopt a multi-focus reflector which is beneficial to reduce the light blocking of the light source and meet the special lighting requirements. Surface treatment of reflective surfaces tends to adopt new materials and new processes to obtain more than 96 percent of the reflection ratio.

In order to reduce the weight of the lamps and reduce the consumption of metal materials, the shell of the lamp will develop to the high temperature, high mechanical strength and anti-aging plastic housing.