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LED Spot Lights Highly Concentrating
Aug 22, 2017

Many people are not easy to distinguish between downlight and spotlights, in the home decoration, downlight and spotlights have different uses, simply said, downlight is a relative to the ordinary lighting fixtures more condensing lamps, Generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly condensed lamp, its light irradiation is able to specify a specific target. Mainly for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or very innovative place. We from the light source, the application location, and the price comparison to distinguish between the two characteristics of the lamp.

1, light source

Downlight can be installed incandescent bulbs, can also be installed energy-saving lamps. When installed incandescent lamp is yellow, installed energy-saving lamps when the light bulb type can be white or yellow. The ceiling light source direction can not be adjusted. We can directly see the downlight of the energy-saving lamp, and waterproof downlight is added to the outside of a waterproof glass cover.

General household lighting with a quartz light bulb, or lamp beads. Of course, large spotlights are not necessarily made of quartz bulbs. Quartz light bulbs only yellow. And the general direction of the light spot light can be adjusted freely.

2, the application location

Downlights are generally installed in the ceiling, the general ceiling need to be installed in more than 150mm. Of course, downlight also has an external type. It is a good choice to install the downlight in the area without a dome or chandelier, and the light is softer relative to the spotlight.

Spotlights can generally be divided into track type, point hanging and embedded and so on. Spotlights generally with a transformer, but also with no transformer. Built-in spotlights can be installed in the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used for places that need to be emphasized or expressed. Such as TV wall, paintings, jewelry, etc., you can play the rhyme to enhance the effect.

3, the price

Downlights are generally large (5 inch) in (4 inch) small (2.5 inch) three. Small market price between 15-20 yuan, medium 28-32 yuan between the large between 36-48 yuan. Of course, the above prices do not contain light source. Downlight has horizontal and vertical insert two, horizontal insert price is more expensive than vertical.

It should be noted that the spotlights generally can not be used for close exposure of wool fabrics, can not be close to flammable obstacles, or easily lead to fire. Although the spotlight power consumption, but in the appropriate location it has a very different embellishment effect. Spotlights and colorful lights do not have a decorative decoration.