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LED Spot Lights Layout
Nov 02, 2017

LED products are now widely used, various in style, today we will introduce more common LED shoot the light, believe a lot of people on the LED lamp have a certain understanding, then we take a look at the LED lamp USES what today.

The spotlights are typical of modern schools with no main lights and no definite scale, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere. If you combine a row of small spotlights, the light can change the magic patterns. Since the light can be changed freely, the effect of combination lighting can be varied. The light of the light is soft, elegant and elegant, it also can local daylighting, foil atmosphere.


The purpose of the lamp is like a flashlight, which is usually used outside. Indoor use also has, because breed is different, so use also is different. The spotlights are prominent in the business photos, and the LED spotlights are very strong and unique to the space, color and virtual reality. Its new trend, compared with other lamps, has comparative advantage. Whether it is heavy ink heavy color or downplay, do not lose elegant and elegant, colorful space appeal and artistic conception, and can change often new, always be interesting, relaxed and cheerful, beautiful. Spotlights can be used as both main lighting and auxiliary light source.

Application places

1. Apply to home lighting, commercial shop decoration lighting.

2. Lighting in entertainment places, auxiliary lighting and other places.

3. Specialty stores, hotels and coffee shops.


The role of in illuminative decorate cannot underestimate, as a kind of adornment light and subsidize light, add color to the bedroom many.

The furniture in the bedroom if it is a combination, that choose one to a few to shoot the lamp is perfect however. Generally can install the lamp on the wall of the two sides of furniture, lampstand is vertical, chimney can slightly incline. Some modular furniture is separated into small region with board, distinct, so will shoot the light directly in a small area, can be used for local lighting, can foil anacreontic atmosphere of the bedroom again, have the effect of "make the finishing point". If at the head of the head of a lamp, become the bedside lamp that the light is soft, elegant and meaningful, the height is sitting on the bed with the head is appropriate. The lamp shade made of flame retardant engineering plastic is completely opaque, and the light is completely sprayed on the surface of the irradiation, while the non-irradiating surface is dark. Therefore, when the night opens, it does not affect others' rest.

The spotlights also serve as headlights in the bathroom. Install the lampstand on the right side, high above the sink. Because the lampshade turns cool, can rotate 320 degrees, so small washroom just want to install one just enough. Wherever you need to light it, it can "vote for you". Many young people try to use the lamp to replace the chandelier, the effect is also good. When installing, just place the bottom upside down and fix it under the ceiling. If the bedroom is longer or with wine cabinet, to install a row of spotlights to be good; If the bedroom is more positive square, can be installed in the ceiling all round the lamp, but the switch had better be divided control, so, when all open, become the main body of the bedroom illume. When open alone, it is a lamp, wall lamp or "single light lamp", do not have artistic conception.

The light can be placed around the ceiling or the top of the furniture. It can also be placed in a wall, a wall skirt or a kick line. The light immediate illuminate is on the items to be highlighted implements, to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect, to highlight and unique environment, abundant, rich, colorful, mysterious atmosphere of artistic effect. Shoot the light is downy, elegant, as well as the overall lighting plays a leading role, but also local procurement light, foil atmosphere makes people like place oneself in the dreaming and picturesque atmosphere, such as dance song, then fully enjoy the satisfaction of social civilization and progress of science and technology and superiority.

If the lamp is installed in the living room, it will make the finishing point; In the bed of the bed, the spirit is meaningful; If be placed in the study, the elegance is not bad; If be placed in the bathroom, be warm and pleasant; If you're in the kitchen, don't have a taste.

The artistic conception of the innuendo, which can make a person feel like a fairy in a cloud of steam, and use with the light bulb, is a "star moon"; The light group use, like "the eight immortal sea", the light of the lamp single use, is "a solo show".

The light is very strong and unique to space, color and virtual reality. Its new trend, compared with other lamps, has comparative advantage. Whether it is heavy ink heavy color or downplay, do not lose elegant and elegant, colorful space appeal and artistic conception, and can often change often new, always be interesting, carefree and beautiful, beautiful!

Install and use

When installing led light, the transformer is generally in the hole, no unsafe problem. Because there is a large space in the ceiling and the heat dissipation is good.

A, install the led lamp common problem is that some workers in the early stage of the construction, there is no good decorate the power cord, caused after the condole top, turn on the light hole can not find the line, so, must pay attention to the arrangement of the position of the line. Need electrician to cooperate with carpentry.

Another problem is that some of the light holes are not accurate when excavated, resulting in inconsistencies and inconsistencies in the shape or spacing.

3. The lamp hole forms depth due to the height of the ceiling, which should be able to put in the led spotlights. If not enough, the lamp cannot be installed. So, when you lift the top, you have to think about what kind of led light to use.