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LED Spot Lights Manufacturing Effect
Oct 10, 2017

LED spotlights are the emitted light is directional (directional) LED bulb, the main type has MR16, GU10, PAR series. LED bulb lamp refers to the emitted light for the divergence of LED bulbs, LED Spot Lights the main type is E27 base.

According to the power points, LED bulbs can be divided into: small power (mainly for 5mm led production) and high-power (mainly 1W, 3W, even 5W led production). At the same time, the market, there are also ultra-high power (for example, 50W led spotlights), but this has not been tested by the market, also not seen a very large market.

Among them, the small power LED spotlights, LED Spot Lights bulb lamps for the earliest design and production of LED bulbs, has been a large-scale use, but the quality of mixed. Such bulbs are mainly sold on retail sites abroad.

And high-power led spotlights, bulb lamps for the last 2-3 years only large-scale use and promotion, overall, compared to small power LED bulbs stable many; With the high power led price drop, high-power LED bulbs will become the mainstream of the market.

Because the LED market now channel effect is not obvious. The current LED bulb buyers have no obvious characteristics, that is, the purchase of LED products (especially the application of products) are likely to buy LED bulbs. However, to do the lighting of the buyers, the main procurement LED display, wall lights, guardrail tubes and so on, the possibility of buying LED bulbs is small.

Buyers are mainly distributors (such as Ledsign DK), online stores (such as theledlight. com), Architectural lighting Engineering (excled, COM, ledsource. com) and energy-saving systems (such customers are also selling solar products). No matter what kind of buyer, it is possible to often receive small projects in the area (such as a store to change LED lights, such as a window to change LED lights).

A wide range of spotlights, LED Spot Lights more used for manufacturing effects, embellishment atmosphere. Color has white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other tones; Because the shape of exquisite small, very decorative. So generally speaking, more in a variety of combinations in a more decorative place, from the details of the embodiment of the master's exquisite life and unique taste. In the choice of the shape of the grade and the resulting lighting effect, because it is a typical decorative lamps, LED Spot Lights brightness can not be considered too much.

The spotlights can be placed in the ceiling for four weeks or on top of the furniture, or in the wall, dado or kicking line. Direct illumination of the light in the need to emphasize the utensils, LED Spot Lights to highlight the subjective aesthetic role, to achieve a prominent focus, unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere, colorful artistic effects. Spotlights light soft, elegant, LED Spot Lights can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting, foil atmosphere.