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LED Spot Lights Widely Used
Sep 28, 2017

With the extensive use of high-power LED lighting in the lighting industry, LED secondary light distribution lens production has become a new industry, so that optical mold has been a great development. LED Spot Lights Uneven wall thickness plus a lot of optical free surface is a typical feature of optical LED spotlight lens products, in addition to the requirements of the appearance of quality and size requirements, the optical performance there are high requirements, such as: lens spot, lens efficiency As well as the angle of the lens. LED Spot Lights The quality of these products on the requirements of the mold has become more demanding, the rationality of the mold structure directly affect the production efficiency, product quality and cost. In the test mode often found that adjust the injection process parameters to achieve a qualified product is very difficult, the mold structure must be optimized design.

With the people's awareness of environmental protection, LED lights are increasingly recognized and used. Among them, the lamp is the lighting industry is widely used in one of the LED lighting products, LED Spot Lights mainly used in indoor lighting, specific to home improvement lighting, office lighting and commercial lighting.

The spotlight due to light soft, both on the overall lighting play a leading role, but also local lighting, contrast atmosphere, and now is the darling of the lighting design

Residential areas due to its spatial limitations, are generally relatively low, so the choice of downlight generally preferred small size, low power downlight, LED Spot Lights because such small, low-power lamps are more suitable for installation in a smaller space , Small ceilings in the private space, clean and beautiful, easier to shape the space atmosphere.

LED low-voltage spotlight is the driver installed in the M16, M11 lamp cup, directly connected to the halogen lamp electronic transformer application of the lamp. LED Spot Lights As the electronic transformer is designed for halogen lamps, and is not suitable for use as LED driver power supply, when the three LED series connected in the halogen after the transformer, there is no light, low frequency flashing two issues. Low-voltage halogen lamp rated voltage is 12V, in order to extend the life of halogen lamps, LED Spot Lights electronic transformer output voltage is deliberately designed to slightly lower than the rated voltage of halogen lamps, generally 11.3 ~ 11.5V. Conventional low-voltage LED driver is Buck structure, the normal work of at least 0.3V pressure difference, that is, LED Spot Lights VBuck = 0.3V. If the LED PN junction forward voltage is 3.4V, LED Spot Lights the sum of the forward voltages of the three LEDs is VF = 10.2V. Schottky bridge pressure drop of about 1V, that is, VD = 1V. When the input voltage VIN- (VD + VF) <VBuck when the drive will not work, LED on the point does not shine.