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LED Street Light Manufacturing Time Requires
Nov 02, 2017

Our street lamps in the lives of most of the LED street light, because ordinary street lamp, LED lights and traditional LED street lamp is more energy saving and convenient and is different from ordinary street lights, LED street lamp's service life is longer, the most important thing is not cause environment pollution. Around us there are a lot of lamps and lanterns is bring us more lighting, and we are in the process of buying should know what kind of lamps and lanterns more information such as whether the price is different. LED lights will be the best choice for energy saving transformation of high light efficiency, less power consumption long service life, the road lighting is the most important part of all our city traditional street lamps, often USES some of the high pressure lamps and his loss the biggest drawback is the waste of energy, and we in the global environment is deteriorating, day and night to air pollution, we all countries in the development of clean energy.

There is a serious shortage of LED street lights. Energy saving is the most important problem we need to solve in the whole world. So now developed some new type of high efficiency and energy saving longer service life, high color rendering index to compare the LED street lamp lighting of city of environmental protection energy conservation, has the very vital significance, road lighting in our life are closely related, as the pace of urbanization in the us, the choice of street lamp power consumption is low drive characteristic is better, faster response, aseismic capacity is higher, practical life longer. Green environmental protection these advantages do not enable us to use.

LED street lamp with conventional street lamps is different light source adopts some low voltage dc power supply, an effective safety, energy conservation and environmental protection long service life, the response speed is faster, cover its production of high temperature at 130 degrees, reached 45 degrees below zero, and the characteristics of the unidirectional light, no guarantee of diffuse light illumination efficiency, even he has unique secondary optical design, street lamp lighting, areas to further improve the shot to the lighting, lighting efficiency to achieve the purpose of energy saving. So many people will choose this LED street lamp and its price is different. In the process of purchasing, we should choose a suitable one for ourselves.

LED street lamps need to meet the requirements of manufacturing

1. The conversion rate of light is 17%, (per square solar energy is 1000W, practical use efficiency is 170W).

2. The current market street lamp lens materials are improved optical materials, with the transmittance of more than 93% and temperature-38-+ 90 degrees.

3. LED street lamp lens, lens is mainly used for the LED street lamp, spot for rectangular, material is PMMA optical material, through a rate of 93% or more, - 38 - + 90 degrees of heat-resistant, resistant to UV ultraviolet ` yellow rate for 30000 hours without change, etc.

4. Average illumination of road surface uniformity is 0.48. Spot ratio 1:2.

5. Road illumination. (actual 1/2 center light spot reaches 25LUX,1/4 of the center light intensity reaches 15LUX, the lowest light of 16 meters is 4LUX, and the overlap intensity is about 6LUX.

6. It has a very good application prospect in the new urban lighting. The depth of the dimmer, and the color and other properties will not be changed by dimming.

7. Adaptive humidity: less than 95%.

8. Quality assurance: 2 years.

What are the advantages of LED street lamps

Now our street lamps in the lives of most are LED street light, because the LED street light compared to the traditional street lamp is more energy saving and service life of more long, then we will make a brief introduction of the advantages of LED lights for you. Health care eye: low pressure constant current drive, no stroboscopic, is the real new generation eye lamp. Efficient energy saving: electricity consumption is 1/10 of the equivalent luminescence incandescent lamp, which is more than 500 lux, equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp. Green: no mercury pollution, no uv, infrared and thermal radiation, it is true green semiconductor light source. Durable: LED street lamps are 20 times longer than normal street lamps and can last more than 30, 000 hours. Health and safety: use 12V low voltage dc power supply, no electric shock hazard.