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LED Street Light Material Decision
Sep 28, 2017

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light-emitting diodes, LED Street Light is made of III-Ⅳ compounds, is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly into the electric light. LED heart is a semiconductor chip, the semiconductor chip consists of three parts, part of the P-type semiconductor, in which the hole inside the dominant position, the other end is the N-type semiconductor. LED Street Light When the current through the wire acting on the wafer, electrons and holes will be pushed to the quantum well, electrons in the quantum well with the hole compound, LED Street Light and then will be in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light. And the wavelength of light is the color of light, which is determined by the material that forms the P-N junction.

High-pressure sodium lamp is the use of power, LED Street Light the arc tube between the electrodes at both ends of the arc, due to the high temperature of the arc so that the tube of sodium amalgam heat evaporation into mercury vapor and sodium vapor, cathode electrons in the process of moving to the anode, The atoms of the material, so that the energy generated by ionization or excitation, LED Street Light and then from the excited state to the ground state; or from the ionization state into the excited state, and then return to the ground state infinite cycle, LED Street Light this time, the excess energy in the form of optical radiation, It produces light.

High-power LED street lamp is a kind of new lighting method which can realize the lighting demand by DC low-voltage light-emitting diode group. It has the characteristics of high brightness and good color rendering. In addition, since the input of LED street lamp is low-voltage direct current, Solar energy together, making the solar LED lights become a way to the future of road lighting.

The relative color temperature (Tcp) of the high pressure sodium lamp is about 2100K, which is warm color temperature, its color rendering index (Ra) is only 23 ~ 25, LED Street Light the color is low; and LED street lamp now use the color temperature is more than 5300K, Of the products, the Ra up to 70 to 80, good color rendering. As the motor vehicle driving the fast track, the main road, partial yellow light of the sodium lamp, to see the front 90 ~ 160m distance from the road conditions, the effect is slightly lighter than the white light, especially for fog, dusty air conditions, sodium lamp More advantage. For sidewalks, LED Street Light commercial pedestrian street, residential area and other roads, LED color is better than the sodium lamp, to distinguish the situation is more clear, more advantages.

LED light source luminous efficiency, the current foreign United States, LED Street Light Japan about 75Lm / w or so, the domestic production of LED about 65Lm / w or so. High-pressure sodium light source luminous efficiency of 100Lm / w or so, the light emitted per w than the LED high 25 ~ 35Lm / w. 400w high pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency of up to 120Lm / w.