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LED Street Light Optical Output Characteristics
Oct 10, 2017

LED street lights with light as far as possible projected to the surface of the road to each area, to obtain the light distribution in line with the requirements of road lighting, LED street light matching design is accurate in place is it can replace the traditional street lamp one of the key factors.

In road lighting, if there is no light source for LED lights, light on the road surface for a larger area of the circular spot, there will be some light scattered outside the road and not be used

The light distribution scheme of LED lamps is carried out on the basis of the requirements of road lighting, taking into consideration the control of glare and environmental coefficients. For road lighting, light efficiency and light distribution curve are two important parameters, LED Street Light at present, the LED street light distribution scheme has the following basic forms.

In the power-led manufacturing process, LED Street Light the use of lens technology in packaging can improve the efficiency of light, reduce the loss of optical output, change the characteristics of optical output, LED packaging lens technology and high-power LED street lighting a certain relationship between the light distribution. With good encapsulation lens design, LED can obtain better optical output characteristics.

The light intensity output curve of single grain led can be transformed into "bat Wing" shape by using the LED with double head lens package, LED Street Light in order to realize the "bat Wing" light distribution of the whole light intensity output curve of the entire street lamp.

LED Street lamp design with the xy-directional asymmetric rectangular optical elements (lenses or reflective cups), because the rectangular light in a single led optical elements have been completed, so the entire LED street lamp only to the LED module on the plate can be

LED light has a good directional, LED Street Light in order to obtain a better road distribution, respectively, the design of each group of LED projection direction is responsible for the irradiation of their respective areas, the simpler way is to adopt V-shaped surface.

In the multi-fold surface distribution design, the high-power LEDs in each group are installed on different planes, and by adjusting the relative angles of each group to obtain the light output characteristic and approximate rectangular illumination effect of the street lamp, LED Street Light which satisfies the requirements of the road illumination standard.

The design of the LED reflector is used to obtain the output characteristic of the street lamp. For a single LED design xy axis asymmetric reflector, LED Street Light this scheme is similar to the plane type of light, the different is the use of free surface reflector, so that the light output is close to the "bat Wing" shape, design multiple reflectors and arrange the same can get better road lighting effect.