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LED Street Light Technical
Jul 11, 2017

Street lamps are the main customers of government units, LED Street Light rather than ordinary consumers, and thus is a more special, relatively closed industry. Street lights from the initial sodium lamp, mercury lamp to the current LED lights, after a long process of development, LED Street Light at the same time, in the development process encountered some technical problems.

Lightning is an electrostatic discharge phenomenon, LED Street Light usually carrying millions of volts of voltage from the clouds to the ground or another cloud. LED Street Light In the transmission process, lightning will generate an electromagnetic field in the air, LED Street Light inductive voltage (ie surge) to the power line and generate induced current transmission to a few miles away, these indirect attacks usually occur in outdoor exposed wires, such as street lamps , Traffic lights, base stations and other equipment to launch surge. Surge protection module is directly facing the front of the circuit from the power line surge interference. It will surge energy transfer or absorption, to minimize the threat of other working circuits, LED Street Light such as LED lighting in the AC / DC power supply unit and other equipment.

For LED lights, lightning generated in the power line surge surge, the surge of energy in the wire will produce a surge, that is, the surge wave, LED Street Light the surge is through this way of transmission of the sensor, the outside world to a surge Wave, it will be in the 220V transmission line in the sine wave to produce a tip, LED Street Light the tip into the street lamp, it will damage the LED street lamp circuit.

Street lights have been there for many years, LED Street Light why now put the street lights need to mine this matter? In fact, in the past the use of high pressure sodium lamp and the traditional mercury lamp is designed with high pressure bulb, which itself has the effect of lightning protection. In recent years, LED lights gradually popular, LED lights need to supply voltage is small, usually using the power supply to convert AC power to DC drive, which makes the LED street light itself is not mine, and therefore need to design for the street Lightning protection module.

The importance of lightning protection is determined by the concept of investment payback period. As the LED lights than the traditional street lights about twice the price, LED Street Light the government at the beginning of the purchase of a larger amount of investment, so the need to save money in the operation of the process to gradually cost to earn back, therefore, LED lamp life is very important. If the LED lights have not earned back the cost of the investment recovery period is broken, but also need to spend money to repair, LED Street Light repair the cost of labor to pay more than double when installed. Thus, in the LED era, to achieve LED power, save money, you need to ensure that its life can meet your expectations, that is, product shelf life is long. To achieve cost savings, to ensure that the investment recovery period is not damaged, you need to pull the reliability. This requires the LED lights plus lightning protection module to achieve maximum economic.

With the arrival of the intelligent era, LED Street Light intelligent street lights have entered the practical application scene. Intelligent street lights on behalf of the street lights in the remote Internet of things to achieve the opening and closing of the street lights to adjust the color and brightness. Relatively speaking, LED Street Light the function of intelligent devices more and more, LED Street Light reliability should follow the upgrade, security issues are essential. And for lightning protection, LED Street Light you should also meet the lightning protection function and security features.