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LED Street Light The Key Point
Jul 24, 2017

To do the transformation of the EMC project in the LED industry EMC is a little small deformation, most of the current manufacturers by the LED lamps as the energy management side, LED Street Light the investment side; and professional contract energy management company to do LED street lighting project rarely.

The reason is that the street management department (government) does not trust the energy management company without fixed assets, and the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, LED Street Light the lack of authoritative energy audit system and units.

A, pre-data collection, as far as possible to do fine, including the street light control box with the input and output voltage (multi-time measurement, including the highest and lowest value), LED Street Light power factor, control the number of lights, lighting, electrical type, Power, control the type of lamp time controller, midnight light working hours, street lamp power supply wire length, diameter, LED Street Light power transformer is a special change, control box, street lamps, poles use time, etc., these professional designers or experienced projects The operator understands how much energy savings can be made in these data.

B, street lamp renovation project, most will not use the same degree of illumination to replace the matching lamps, but according to the road lighting related to national standards or the requirements of the owners, LED Street Light to choose lamps, so that the road to seek the value of illumination. At this time the luminous efficiency of LED lamps is one of the most intuitive key points.

C, LED lighting efficiency is the most intuitive key point, LED Street Light and the quality of the lamp is an important key point, regardless of LED lighting manufacturers are not energy management investors, LED Street Light are to assume a certain number of years of after-sales service.

D, the contract energy management side in the street lighting design program is also very important professional level, if you get the number of lamps and power, LED Street Light in accordance with the road lighting standards, with reference to the application of LED lights to replace the light effect, then the energy efficiency will be greatly reduced of.

E, construction management and cost control, LED Street Light and engineering quality control

LED lights as a city development of an important lighting, its quality is the major attention of the major projects. However, LED street lamp market prices are now varied, LED Street Light uneven quality, many reasons is that in the Chinese market, manufacturers of patent awareness is not strong, lack of innovation, industry price war manufacturers continue to material, technology and other aspects to reduce costs, LED Street Light which gives LED lights The quality has brought a significant impact, often see the lights used after a period of time to darken. Replace the LED lights in a very cumbersome way, it is because the LED lights a lot of internal parts, LED Street Light in addition to light source (chip), the other parts of the damage will lead to chip does not shine, the scene is unable to immediately determine the reasons for LED lights damage, Shipped back to the factory for the detection. This LED street lamp this outdoor high device, the installation is difficult, more difficult to repair, for street managers, LED Street Light the instability of product quality makes maintenance costs climb.

LED lights are also accompanied by the decline in the price of profits, the fierce competition has also led to many businesses began to cut corners of the virtual product parameters of the situation, LED Street Light which is the customer again and again compared to the price, requiring low prices, but also with some manufacturers Practice related.

LED lighting is the core of the chip, LED Street Light directly determines the performance of the lamp! However, some bad business customers use the professional, LED Street Light from the cost of the above considerations, the use of low-cost chips, so that customers with high prices to buy low-quality products caused by direct economic losses, and LED lamps caused serious quality risks.