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General Structure Of LED Street Light
Oct 26, 2017

LED street Light, which is the most ideal road lighting, with the progress of scientific research and the development of social people's living standards, it will be widely used in the region, so that the sun's rays make the earth can also be used by people.

LED Street light Street Design Studio of scientific rationality, we need to consider on the streets, especially light battery research and development, maintenance, and later with the road LED street lighting conditions with the general structure of the urban environment combining design and the overall look of the streets, combined with practical experience, optimize the system design to ensure the LED Street lighting work.

Optional LED lighting controller Tip: select MCT charge controllers charge controller can automatically track the biggest current and high efficiency solar panel, especially in the winter, or low light, MCT charging other mode is more efficient than about 20%; LED Street Light should choose the controller, the controller work force as small as 24 hours a day, because they have the best power consumption, will consume some energy of 1 Ma or less, the best choice for the power controller; along with the choice of two power regulator, power adjustment of the controller has been widely promoted in night-time pedestrian, Automatically close one or two of the lights, to save electricity, LED Street lamp power adjustments for LED street light.

LED lights can be based on photovoltaic power generation, power gel batteries, lighting power consumption charge distributions of three steps, in a year of changes in solar radiation in three steps, natural battery storage is also different, LED lamps and lighting controller set fixed, because this will inevitably result in some situations cannot be lit. Therefore, the configuration of the entire system of organic LED Street light design was to ensure 100% 's annual lighting. Storage technology and lighting power and power consumption changes, adjustments will be key to achieving the 100% 's annual street lighting.

Lamp's function is to illuminate people's road. Traditional lamps typically use high intensity discharge lamps (Hid) as a high pressure sodium lamp (HPS), LED lights, metal halide lamp (MH) and mercury lamp (MV).

In 2014, Germany, the number of street lights is 1 million. LED street light consumption of only 13% per cent of the total, 3.9 million units through LED lamp 2014 LED lights 30%. 2014 lamp total consumption is about 13 million sets LED Street light sales increase is mainly due to the German city of lighting energy-saving renovation project. LED Light by Government subsidies, has replaced traditional HID lamps in order to achieve the goal of energy saving.