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LED Street Light With Efficient
Nov 06, 2017

LED street light and conventional street lamp is different, LED light source uses Low-voltage DC power supply, by Gan base power type blue light LED and yellow synthesis high efficiency white, LED Street Light has the high efficiency, the safe, the energy saving, the environmental protection, the long life, the response speed is fast, the color index high unique merit, may widely apply High temperature up to 135 degrees, low temperature up to 45 degrees.

The use of LED road lamps should be as far as possible using led directional emission characteristics, so that the road lamps in each led directly to the light in each area of the road, LED Street Light and then use the Lamp reflector auxiliary light, to achieve a very reasonable combination of light and road lamps.

It should be said that road lamps to truly comply with cjj45-2006 and CIE31 and CIE115 standard illuminance and illuminance uniformity requirements, lamps should contain three of light distribution function can be better achieved. LED Street Light and a reflector with a reasonable beam output angle of the LED itself has a good light distribution function.

In the lamp, LED Street Light in accordance with the height of the street lamp and the width of the road to design the installation of each led and the direction of the emission light can achieve a good two light distribution function. The reflector in this type of luminaire is used only as an auxiliary three light distribution method to ensure better uniformity of the illumination of the road.

In the actual road lighting design, LED Street Light can be used in the basic setting of each led set shooting direction of the premise, each led with a spherical universal joint fixed on the luminaire, when the lamp used in different heights and exposure width, can be adjusted through the spherical universal joints to each led by the direction of the irradiation to achieve satisfactory results.

In determining the power of each led, the beam output angle, according to E (lx) = (CD)/d (m) 2 (light intensity and illuminance distance square law), respectively, LED Street Light calculate the LED in the basic selected beam output angle should have the power, And can be adjusted by the power of each led and led driving circuit output to each led different power to make each LED light output to achieve the estimated value.

How to make tightly compressed a group of LED safety, is also an indicator of the investigation of LED lamps. Led to the driving circuit requirements are able to ensure constant current output characteristics, LED Street Light because the LED is working when the junction voltage relatively small area, so ensure that the constant led driving current is basically to ensure that the LED output power constant.

The electric gap between the points of the LED driving circuit should be kept above 7mm, LED Street Light the grounding capacitance of EMI protection and the insulation strength of the driving circuit should reach the requirement of strengthening insulation (4v+2750v), LED Street Light which can make the driving circuit of LED have good ability of resisting the differential mode and the common mode lightning induction.