airport LED lighting

1000W Airport LED Lighting

Description of Airport LED Lighting:

There are two types of airport LED lighting according to the installation of vertical and peaceful ground, according to the distribution of light in the space of directional lights and omnidirectional lights are two, according to the luminous intensity of high, medium and low 3.


 Airport LED Lighting  in the structure is different from the general outdoor lighting. For example, vertical lighting not only to withstand the huge wake of the aircraft wake, but also when the plane hit the dump immediately; flat-type lamps to withstand the pressure of the aircraft and the turning of the snow and heat.


Due to the structural special requirements of airport lights, many countries have established strict lighting codes and put them into effect.

Features & Characteristic of Airport LED Lighting:

  • 1000w led airport lighting is equipped with 1,000W system power & 120,000lumen
  • Use OSRAM SMD LED as a light source. Light source using multiple chip chip design, the choice of imported high brightness semiconductor chips, with high thermal conductivity, light decay, pure light color, no ghosting and so on;
  •  Energy-saving effect is obvious, the use of high-power LED light source is equipped with imported high-efficiency power supply, compared with sodium lamp can save more than 80%
  •  Unique heat and light shell integrated design, effectively spread heat conduction, thereby reducing the temperature of the lamp body to protect the LED light source life of 10,000 hours. In accordance with the calculation of light 8 hours a day, LED flood lights for airport in 5 years without replacement.
  • We can provide you 0-10Vdc & DALI dimming driver.

Green pollution-free, lead-free, mercury and other pollution elements, the environment without any pollution.

Dimmension of airport LED lighting
mounting system of airport LED lighting
beam angle of airport LED lighting

Parameter of Airport LED Lighting:

Ultria Genius  1000W LED Lighting for Airport System
Model of outdoor-flood-lights-led ZHGL-1000A-L60
Beam Angle 60
Stable Flux(5700K after 1 hour) 110,000lm
Dimension 671X405X204mm
Power Consumption  LEDs 900W
Power Supply   100W
Total 1000W
Replace HID Lamp 2000-3000W
Net Weight 29KG (64lbs)with stainless steel floodlight bracket
Color Temperature 5700K (2700~6500K available on request)
Color Rendering Ra75(Ra80,Ra90 available on request)
Working Life 50000Hrs
Housing Material Aluminum 
Coating Zinc Rich Paint
IP Class IP 65 (Upgradeable to IP 67)
Insulation Class Class I
Working Temperature -40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity 10% - 95%
AC Input 80~365Vac ,400~600Vac
DC Input 100~400Vdc (500Vdc~800Vdc)
THD <10%
Power Factor 0.98
 warranty: LED Module: 5 year
Driver: 5 year
Housing: 10 year

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