LED stadium lighting

1000W LED Stadium Lighting With Factory Price

Multi-function design for all sports venues,Our LED stadium lighting can be used for sport lighting, as well as lighting spectator, concession, parking,shopping mall and warehouse.IP67 Waterproof for 1000W Dimmable Led Stadium Lighting.

1000W LED Stadium Lighting With Factory Price

Description of LED Stadium Lighting:

LED stadium lighting , if your are looking to upgrade or get new stadium lighting feel free to reach out to me and I'd be happy to give you a consultation and find out what's best for your needs. The importance of good lighting on a training field is thus very essential as they are extensively used in sharpening the skills of players while over coming their shortcomings.

Whether new or for retrofit projects, Razorlux LED stadium lighting is one in all solution for Sports and Area Lighting.We have DLC, UL, CE Qualified LED stadium lights which makes them eligible for rebates through your utility company.The 1000w LED stadium lighting is the industry standard for every large sports field, from Football field lighting, soccer field lighting to baseball field lighting. The 1000 watt dimmable LED stadium lighting can be used for indoor sports events such as basketball and smaller projects.

LED stadium lighting
1000w led stadium lighting

Features & Characteristic of  LED Stadium Lighting:

1,000W system power & 120,000lumen

80% lumen maintenance and work over 50,000hours

5-5-10 year warranty

80-600Vac&100-800Vdc input voltage without additional adapter

0-10Vdc & DALI dimming driver available

photocell & motion sensor system available

Built-in surge protection & thermal protection

Ultra-bright LED lights - providing appropriate & sufficient lighting for sports fields. Free consultation service provided.

Detachable stand for temporary or permanent affixation.

Exclusive heat dissipation system - dense aluminum fins structure. No external cooling system required.

6-8 times bright than incandescent bulb; 50-80 times longer life-span than incandescent bulbs, life time up to 50000 hours.

50-70% electricity cost reduction compared to HP sodium.

1000W Stadium Lighting

Parameter of LED Stadium Lighting:

Ultria Geniusled stadium lighting
Led Stadium LightsZHGL-1000P-L20
Beam Angle20
Stable Flux(5700K after 1 hour)105,000lm
Power ConsumptionLEDs900W
Power Supply100W
Replace HID Lamp2000-3000W
Net Weight29KG (64lbs)with stainless steel floodlight bracket
Color Temperature5700K (2700~6500K available on request)
Color RenderingRa75(Ra80,Ra90 available on request)
Working Life50000Hrs
Housing MaterialAluminum
CoatingZinc Rich Paint
IP ClassIP 65 (Upgradeable to IP 67)
Insulation ClassClass I
Working Temperature-40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity10% - 95%
AC Input80~365Vac ,400~600Vac
DC Input100~400Vdc (500Vdc~800Vdc)
Power Factor0.98
 warranty:LED Module:5 year
Driver:5 year
Housing:10 year

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