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100W Explosion Proof Lighting with UL Safety Ratings of Class 1 Division 2

Introduction of 100W Explosion Proof Lighting:

With the rapid development of petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries, explosion proof lighting in the production, warehousing, rescue the use of more and more widely, more and more varieties. It is very important to prevent the accidental explosion proof led flood light in the dangerous place of explosive gas. The explosion proof lighting offers operators in hazardous locations with a powerful, efficient, and more durable alternative in many places.


LED explosion proof lighting Naturally Choose the metal as the radiator material, for the selected materials, I hope that they have high heat conduction coefficient at the same time, from the above can be seen, silver and copper are excellent thermal conductivity materials, followed by gold and aluminum, but gold, silver is too expensive, so the current heat sink is mainly made of aluminum and copper.


In contrast, both copper and aluminum have their own advantages and disadvantages: Copper heat conductivity is good, but the price is more expensive, processing difficult, heavy weight, and copper radiator heat capacity is small, and easy to oxidize articles.


Product details of 100W Explosion Proof Lighting:

UL844: Class I Division 2 Group A B C D

ATEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

IECEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

CNEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

explosion proof lighting
explosion proof lighting 100w


UL TUV CB EMC CE certified MW
HLG series power driver, IP67
protective level, 7 years warranty.

Meanwell Driver

The integration of reflective optical
design,install directly in the light body,
make the light more focus and
comfortable for eyes.

LED chip
details of explosion proof lighting

High pressure die casting alloy aluminum housing, create through high pressure(1600 ton) in one piece,high explosion proof level and IP68 waterproof protection.

LED chip with 2.0mm thick Aluminum PCB board installed directly onto Aluminum Shell. As a result,
the whole lamp is integrated as a radiator for the LED chips. Besides,the distance of LEDS are good enough for spreading heat, to ensure long lifespan,
and with special circuit design, each LED chip won’t affect the others when fail to work, so the lamp will keep working even if some LED chips

Features of 100W Explosion Proof Lighting:

1.High Efficacy low decay 700MA LED chip

2.High heat transmit die cast housing ADC12 aluminum, patent design, IP68

3.Shock and vibration resistant tempered glass, super clear 95% light transmit rate

4.Anti-glare.Scientific optical reflector design, making the light more focus,even, comfortable for eyes

5.Original Bridgelux LED source,high luminous efficacy and long lifespan

6.MEANWELL HLG series driver, the highest level of MEANWELL driver

7.Surface treatment-Powder painted, salt resistant and chemical resistant, also hard for dust to accumulate on the surface

8.2.0mm aluminum PCB with heat index 2.5, keep LED working under cool temperature

9.Working temperature: -30ºC to 50ºC.

Certification: ATEX, UL, CUL, DLC, PSE, SAA&C-TICK, CQC, CE, ROHS, IP68

Applications of 100W Explosion Proof Lighting:

1. Suitable for gas station, petroleum and chemical industries, coal mine, military, airport,
warehouse, marine etc.
2. Zone1 & Zone2 gaseous environment, and Zone21 & Zone22 dust environment.
3. Class I Division 2 Group A, B, C, D

Application of explosion proof lighting


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