LED tunnel light

120 Watt LED Tunnel Light with Wholesale Price

Description of LED Tunnel Light:

LED tunnel lights are currently preferred to light tunnels. They feature long working lifetime, good stability and high lighting efficiency. Razorlux has one of the best selections of LED Tunnel Lights available on the market today.

Energy saving in tunnel lighting is a requirement for light source, lighting, lighting methods, etc. Energy saving includes lighting design energy saving and management energy saving.


Among them, lighting design energy saving is the most important energy saving measure, including adopting novel and reliable design concepts and Reasonable standard values, as well as the use of high-efficiency light sources, high-efficiency lamps, increased light reflectance and lighting control energy savings.


LED compared with traditional light source, the biggest advantage is energy saving and stability. Therefore, based on the advantages and characteristics of LED, improving the efficiency of LED chip and reasonable light distribution design to improve the overall performance of the lamp is an important problem that LED tunnel lighting needs to solve.

120w led tunnel light

Typical Applications of LED Tunnel Light:

Highway | Main Street | Normal Road | Laneway | Park | Garden | Parking Area

Features & Characteristic of LED Tunnel Light:

*Featuring OSRAM LED chips, outstanding energy-saving performance.

*Patented power supply technology, electricity surge and overheating auto-protection.

*Patented heat dissipation technology, 50000 hours long life with minimum luminous decay.

*Universal input voltage, AC / DC both work without any adapter or transformer.

*High power factor to minimize total harmonic distortion.

*Instant start and flicker free to reduce the eyestrain.

*Very even light distribution and high uniformity, no glare to eyes.

*Good color rendering, vivid colors under the light.

*Industry-leading 5-5-10 year warranty.

*DC 12V and 24V version also available for solar power and other applications.

Specification of LED Tunnel Light:

Model of 120 Watt LED Tunnel LightZHGL-120A
Power ConsumptionLEDs:108W
Lamp Efficiency:14400lm
Replace HID Lamp:250-300W
Net Weight:8Kg(17.6lbs)
Color Temperature:4000K(Warm White)/6000K(Cool White)
Color Rendering:≥Ra80
Working Life:≥50000Hrs
Housing:Copper Free Aluminum
Finish:Cathode EPD
IP Class:IP65(Upgradeable To IP67)
Insulation Class:Class I (Upgradeable To Class II)
Working Humidity:10%~95%
AC Input:80~315Vac,(347Vac Available On Request)
DC Input:80~400Vdc,(12Vdc,24Vdc And Other Input Available On Request)
Power Factor:≥0.98
WarrantyLED Module:5 Year
Driver:5 Year
Housing:10 Year

Shipping Data of LED Tunnel Light:


Remark: 1,one set braket for 12kgs

2,whole set braket for 13.5kgs

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