soccer field lighting

Precise determination of equipment voltage levels

First factor that is very important for efficient soccer field lighting is a precise determination of equipment voltage levels. Fixtures with multi-tap ballasts provide the greatest flexibility for soccer field lighting. Easy Rack sports lights are configured with multi-tap ballasts that produce 120, 208, 240, and 277 volts respectively. We also supply models that are fitted with 480-volt ballast for full-sized professional stadiums.

It is important to work with an Easy Rack specialist who can help you determine the appropriate voltage level for your facility and match the lamp to the ballast. High voltage commercial lighting equipment can be dangerous if guesswork if you substitute guesswork for sound math and engineering advice.

Material build and height of soccer field lighting poles

Second, the material build and height of soccer field lighting poles is a crucial factor in generating optimal illumination for your practice field or stadium. US Soccer Foundation recommendations state that the best poles are made from galvanized steel. You can obtain these outdoor light poles from Easy Rack in a variety of heights and models, and you can also obtain all appropriate mounting accessories, including right angle cross arms that will hold two soccer field lighting fixtures on a single pole.

When properly fitted and ballasted, Easy Rack soccer field lights will also make the game more enjoyable for spectators and reduce potential nuisance to surrounding housing developments. Our metal halide fixtures are equipped with advanced reflector arrays that direct the light toward desired locations along the field and eliminate light pollution that otherwise could shine into the windows of sleeping, next door neighbors. This not only makes the game more enjoyable to people who visit your arena, but it also will minimize neighborhood complaints from those who will certainly be annoyed if your soccer field or parking lot light kits shine into their windows.

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