Bayern Munich

A friendly match took place between Bayern Munich and Hamburg. Nari’s shot was broken, Koman broke through the making point, Wagner made meritorious deeds, and then Gitzka assisted another city; easy side battles, Sanchez missed the opportunity, Muller replaced the two goals to seal the victory. In the end, Bayern beat burger 4-1.

Jiayan poison tongue:

The income of this friendly match is all burger, Bayern is really a conscience club. Hamburg: I ran to B and you didn’t let me go. Muller in the position of the second striker came back.

He helped the small team get some income before the season. I am also good in this aspect. Actually, I also played a friendly match with Hamburg. Every time I played a friendly score in the league, I also played a friendly match.

European Super Cup, Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid. In the first half, the opening was only 45 seconds. Godin’s long pass assisted Costa’s small angle shot to break the first goal.

Bell assisted Benzema to equalize the score and Asencio almost broke. In the second half, Cross corner kicked Juan Fran’s handball in the penalty area. Ramos shot the goalkeeper and scored a goal. Then Kasemillo was defeated.

Correa assisted Costa’s shot and scored twice. The regular game time ended. The two sides entered the 2-2 level and entered the overtime. In the first half of overtime, Thomas assisted Saul to score a goal, then scored a goal lower than Tolo assisted Cork.

Both sides did not score in the second half. The game ended and Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid 4-2. Won the European Super Cup.

iayan poison tongue:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want C Ronaldo, but who can tell me, after the Real Madrid is behind, who has to give the ball to, who can re-emerge in the adversity, who can get the ball on both sides, why Real Madrid is invincible in the Champions League in recent years, because Can’t open the situation.

Or when it is adversity. There is always that man standing up. MVP Costa, Atletico Madrid is still hard, Lemar is very strong, Costa is really good, congratulations to Atletico Madrid to win the Super Bowl.

Real Madrid does not deserve the top giants, even the European Super Cup this kind of game dare to hide the coach Zidane and the top star C Ronaldo.

It was also a game that saw the dawn from the dark, a cup that was familiar with each other, and the familiar colors of the two teams filled the stadium. Five years ago, there was no white dazzling world at the Luss Stadium in Lisbon, Portugal.

Three years ago, at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy, your blood was not red and white! The first two folds are only for the next sharp edge! Finally, I waited until today, in Tallinn, Estonia, once again staying up late to dawn, this time no longer red and white fading, and red and white shining; this time is not my favorite Torres tears, but even away from Madrid His happy smile.

Why do you prefer Atletico Madrid to so many teams in the world? Because this red and white has the iron spirit that makes me not relax for the lead, and does not give up for backwardness.

The 2018 Gambo Cup was held at the Camp Nou, Barcelona against Boca Juniors. In the first half, Malcolm opened the record for Barcelona, Messi scored a goal to expand the score; in the second half, Rafinha broke the door to seal the victory. In the end, Barcelona defeated Boca Juniors 3-0 and won the Gambo Cup six consecutive championships.

Jiayan poison tongue:

Bidar Barca’s career has been averaging so far, and Barcelona must keep Phuket. After 00, it’s really good! Such Lafite, Inter Milan still hesitate, Phuket, your summer homework written? Phuket, the future master; Rafinha can pass the shot; Malcolm can pass the pass; Artur is also good, looking forward to this season!

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