autumn day

August 7th is the 20th autumn day. Do you know what the representative of Liqiu is?

“The wind blows a leaf, and everything has been shocked.” “Chinese Astronomical Calendar” shows that Beijing time on August 7 at 21:31 ushered in the “Liuqiu” solar terms, the end of the summer, the cool breeze gradually. With the arrival of Liqiu, the whole autumn gradually began.

It is understood that Liqiu is the first solar term in autumn. According to the observation of nature, the ancient Chinese people divided the “Liuqiu” into three: “A cool breeze arrives; a second waiting white Lusheng; three waiting cold humming.” This means that after the autumn, people will feel cool when the wind blows. Then, there will be fog in the morning on the earth, and the chilling and chilling autumn will begin to sing.

For most of China, Liqiu only entered the nominal fall. Meteorology began to fall in the fall with a daily average temperature of 5 consecutive days below 22 degrees Celsius. According to this standard, there are few areas in China that fall into the autumn in the autumn. The weather is still very hot everywhere.

“When the autumn is in the middle of the volts and the end, the summer heat still exists, and the weather will not cool down immediately.” Li Yanling, director of the nutrition department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that at this time, the public should pay close attention to the weather forecast. The emergence of “autumn tigers”, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down.

Liqiu is not only an important solar term, but also an important time-honored festival in China. Today, Chinese folks still have the custom of “snapping autumn” and “biting autumn” on the day of Liqiu.

Li Yanling reminded that after suffering from bitter summer, people’s spleen and stomach are generally weak, so they can’t make up for it. If blindly large and over-compensated, the gastrointestinal tract in the “weak” state may not be able to Tolerate, easily lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, loss of appetite, fullness after eating, abdominal distension and abdominal pain. Therefore, before the autumn, it is best to adjust the spleen and stomach in place, you can eat more lungs, Shengjin, dampness, spleen food, such as lotus root, coix seed, red beans, etc., can also be cooked into porridge.

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