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Because recreational football is usually played in the evening, effective lighting maximizes the opportunity for people to take part in the game. So we must choose the good football field lighting .

As a Chinese, the most supportive football league is definitely the first to push the Chinese Super League. On the evening of July 17, the Super League rekindled the war, and many big-name players were smashing their hands. For the fans, you can enjoy professional and exciting competitions, which is undoubtedly a pleasure!


For the Super League game, in addition to ensuring the smooth running of the game, the lighting effect should also be taken seriously. I remember that before a game in Evergrande, Yulin stopped the ball because of being stunned. Quan Jian’s player had reacted before this. He had some discomfort with the intensity of the light and his head was a little dizzy. Therefore, for the sport of football, lighting is a problem that cannot be ignored!

Why choose football field lighting?

The lighting situation affects the player's physical health and exercise status, and the choice of football lighting should be extra cautious! What kind of lighting is generally chosen for football lighting? Don't worry, listen to Xiaobian slowly!

The standard 11-a-side football field generally uses 2000W metal halide lamps or sodium lamps, but the price of metal halide lamps is too high, not durable, and it consumes a lot of electricity, and its life is not long. It is also frequently maintained. With the continuous development of LED lamps, many football stadiums now use LED lamps. A 1200W LED stadium lights can directly replace the 2000W metal halide lamp, saving nearly one and a half.

soccer field lights

Advantages of football field lights

LED instantaneous start-up characteristics, LED can be started and restarted immediately, multiple switches will not have the light decay phenomenon in the ordinary electrode discharge lamp. During the game break, it is perfectly possible to interact with the audience using the characteristics of the LED's instant start.

The LED itself has no harmful metal mercury, no stroboscopic, no radiation, no ultraviolet light and infrared light, which provides sufficient protection for the health of athletes and spectators!

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