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When it comes to ports, one of the most crucial elements is that of port lighting.If you are worrying about how to change traditional port lighting systems, we are here to assist you by providing high-quality port lighting. The invention of new LED lighting systems was made to enhance the lighting of the port.

The new LED seaport lighting have the capacity to last for approximately 50,000+ hours. You can assume that you’ll be free of maintenance costs for nearly 10 years.

Here are some answers to the question why one should consider changing a traditional seaport lighting system to a LED port lighting system.

Fast Strike or Turn On/Off Time: The most important thing to be taken care of, in port areas, is security and safety. The traditional metal halide lights have the drawback that they take a long time to turn on, after being off or after shut down. But in the case of LED seaport lights, lighting is easier and safer than before. They are switched on and off, instantly, and don’t take a single second to get started. This helps to a large extent in security and safety of the ports. Seaports will get a secure and safe environment when LED Port Lighting Systems are installed.

Energy Saver: LED lights can include signal control/sensors, in order to be automatically dimmed or brightened, in the areas of some movement or activity. This sensor system turns the lights on when any activity or movement is found, and will turn the lights off when there is no traceable activity. This results in lower consumption and energy saving when necessary.

High-quality Lights: LED lights are of high-quality in terms of how vividly they portray objects. The same can be tested on a Color Rendering Index (CRI) and color spectrum. Also, LED with controlled high-quality lighting make the objects look alike as they appear in daylight.

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Port lighting is vital to the safety and the security of port operations. Good quality, reliable illumination allows successful navigation on the waters and people to find their way along jetties, docks and terminals - something that's particularly important either at night or during poor weather conditions.

Very careful design of the layout, height of masts and selection of lamp fittings is required to mitigate light pollution. In some circumstances the use of lamp shades to cut down extraneous upward light spillage may be required.”

So what of the current trends in port lighting? Terminals are looking at various low cost low energy lighting solutions. Suppliers are also becoming more prominent in the offering of their solutions. There are accurate assessments of and specifications for the required light levels, plus better assessments to make sure that the correct fittings are used for durability and ease of maintenance. Add to that lower energy strategies, and an awareness of environmental requirements to mitigate light pollution, and it's easy to conclude that today's port lighting products are committed to offering the highest quality, environmentally friendly solutions and excellent value.

Port Lighting Installation Guide

To read about a recent Port Lighting Installations please see the following article:

This lighting scheme adhered to the average lighting levels as set by the Harbour Board. After inspecting the existing masts and evaluating which were still serviceable and could be kept and which would need to be scrapped, the Razorlux team worked around the existing mast locations to come up with a scheme that would produce both the optimum lighting levels but would also cause the least amount of disruption to the site.

The new approved lighting scheme consisted of the refurbishment of 22 of the existing high mast lighting and the installation of 3 new HAM9301 high masts as manufactured by Razorlux Lighting at our Cleckheaton factory; 5 of the existing high masts were refurbished and repositioned in order to meet the optimum lighting levels required and 7 new foundation bases with associated cabling were constructed.

If you have an area of loading or unloading containers, storage places that require high mast lighting system, we are here to help you in any way we can. Our support executives are always prepared for your queries and give you the best advice that you could have for buying LED lighting solutions whether they are port lighting systems or LED hangar lighting system.

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