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The statue lighting design mainly uses floodlighting design to install LED floodlights or buried lights on the ground. Its focus mainly depends on the type and appearance of the statue being photographed. So, are there other design points?

First, the design of the position of garden lamps should meet the following three requirements: the first is to ensure the need for lighting, the second is to be as concealed as possible, and the third is to avoid glare.

Second, low-profile statues, generally use a wide beam of floodlights; towering sculptures, you need to use a narrow beam of spotlights. The installation position can be carried out by using buried lights and peripheral high-beam projections, or installing small-sized floodlights in the sculptural structure belt, and paying attention to the concealment of the lamps during installation.

Third, the lighting technique should be combined with the structural form and material of the sculpture body. The proper use of light is the basis for a good lighting effect. The simple geometry of the stone structure like the Egyptian pyramid is the most feasible means to implement floodlighting from a long distance.

outdoor statue lighting fixtures

However, stratification and lighting according to the structure of the luminaire will add brilliance to the sculpture body, and can also properly express the charm and artistic beauty of the sculpture, such as the illumination of the different structure belts of the huge Ferris wheel in London, England; the Eiffel Tower of Paris for its steel The characteristics of the structural grid are that the lamps are arranged at the nodes of the grids on the tower body, and the whole steel structure body is illuminated brightly and transparently by means of floodlight illumination.

Fourth, the outdoor statue lighting fixtures design of the landscape sculpture mainly uses the front side light. The orientation of the front side light should generally be greater than 50 degrees, and the angle of less than 60 degrees is most suitable. The following situations should be avoided:

1. Avoid strong pitching light, including positive illuminating and positive illuminating, especially glare that is almost right and strong with almost strong illumination. This glare not only destroys the image but also may cause terror;

2, to avoid smooth light, this is also a kind of positive light, it will make the sculpture lose three-dimensional sense;

3, to avoid the side light, it leads to the bad visual effect of "Yin and Yang face".

According to garden lighting manufacturers, the skill of statue lighting design relies on the difference of brightness between light and shadow and various parts, highlighting its shape and body, and avoiding the direction of the sight of the tourists to prevent glare from causing interference to others. Engineering lighting requires statue lighting fixtures, which is the finishing touch.

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