LED sports lighting system

The World Cup in 2018 has been going on for several days. Passion, applause, and blood are destined to be the biggest theme this summer. As a lighting person, Xiao Bian wants to popularize the knowledge of football field lighting. How does a good lighting effect serve football training and competition? 

A wonderful ball game lacks a group of good lighting. Football lighting is a functional, highly technical, and difficult design. It is necessary to meet the requirements of various levels of football competitions, but also pay special attention to the live broadcast of color television.

In order to ensure the vivid and clear picture of the relayed images and vivid colors, there are specific requirements for vertical illuminance, illuminance uniformity and three-dimensionality, color temperature of the light source, and color rendering index.

The LED sports lighting system can provide athletes, referees, and spectators with more comfortable and healthier visual experience during competition

In addition to LED sports lighting system is more conducive to high-definition television broadcast, athletes, referees, spectators also have high requirements for light, its uniform brightness, anti-glare, anti-overflow light and other advantages, not only to provide athletes, referees to provide a more healthy and comfortable The sports light environment also improves the viewing of the game and the participation of the audience. The LED sports lighting system has an instant lighting function that allows the light to be adjusted immediately at halftime or during intermittent intervals.

Advanced LED Sports Lighting System Reduces Stadium Operating Costs

With professional light distribution technology, stable lighting performance, and other advantages, the advancement of LED sports lighting technology also makes the operating cost of the stadium more attractive than ever before. It is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional metal halide lamps and other lighting equipment. The installation of sports venues for LED sports lighting systems can save 75% to 85% of the total energy costs, saving more unnecessary costs for stadiums in the later operation and maintenance of sports venues.

Intelligent cloud control operating system becomes another new world for LED sports lighting

The LED sports lighting system in modern sports venues not only needs to meet the professional sports lighting needs of various competitions, but also must meet the diverse needs of cultural entertainment, atmosphere creation and flexibility. More importantly, the user experience is good and the system is easy to operate.

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