1000 Watt LED Floodlight

Transform your current lighting system to a maintenance free, energy efficient, more affordable sports lighting fixtures that produces better quality light and provides endless entertainment possibilities.

First, sports stadium and arena operators understand that they attract more fans to their venues if they can improve both the playing and viewing experiences for both athletes and fans. Professional athletes have shown a preference for LED lighting because it better replicates natural sunlight on playing surfaces.

Second, professional athletes hone their skills to respond to subtle movements of both the objects of their games and other players who are on the playing surface with them. The LED lighting gives athletes a better chance to respond to those movements while giving fans a chance to see the action more clearly.

Third, LED sports stadium lighting systems can produce the same or better illumination at less than half the operating costs of traditional stadium lighting. The China football field, for example, expects to use 60% less energy to illuminate its professional playing field. 

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