high power led flood light

A good LED flood lights which includes all kinds of resource integration, raw material selection and application, light, heat, electricity design, etc.

This post does not first select materials and materials for the products, but only briefly describes the product design mistakes of the existing products:

The difference between LED lighting products and traditional light sources lies in the way they emit light, the angle of illumination, and the heat of illumination.

So there is optical and thermal design, but it’s quite amazing, especially today’s domestic practitioners.

Excessively pursuing the shadow and shape of traditional lighting, so that it is contrary to the unique features of high power led flood lights, the original design!

1. In terms of heat dissipation shape, various traditional shape imitations bring bad heat dissipation, heat accumulation, and the consequences of premature light failure failure of the product!

2. In terms of optical appearance, various traditional shapes have brought about a serious reduction in light loss and color temperature and color rendering performance of the product!

3. In the power supply placement mode, simply use the built-in, all kinds of shoddy, resulting in capacitor burst, power drive temperature rise and damage to the end!

In the first point, the heat dissipation design of the product must be analyzed in consideration of various complex operating environments of the product.

And we can’t simply guarantee the quality of our products when we test our shells in the factory!

As far as point 2 is concerned, the optical design of LED products actually includes the circuit design of the product.

The lighting effect of the LED application should not be simply solved by what kind of cover, what shell can be easily solved!

In addition, some optical requirements for outdoor LED flood lights are obviously too strong.

It is also necessary to have a bright light and a soft light, and the product is likely to be small, which is obviously difficult to fix!

As for the third point, as long as you want to do well, you can do it.

There is no need to go wrong and develop what to do with capacitive drive, no capacitor drive,

As long as it is a strong and talented LED flood lights manufacturer, this design should be done well.

This design is also the easiest, with some simple tests to ensure the set life of the product!

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