UFO high bay light

Recently, many customers have asked our UFO high bay light for quality and energy saving when they asked about our LED high bay light. However, in the process of communication, the price will be compared with the cheap LED high bay light on the market. After all, there are LED high bay lights on the market that can be as low as 1 yuan / W. But here to remind everyone that the so-called "a penny and a share of goods", our main ratio is the impact of the three factors of the LED high bay light on the price.

1.Heat sink

The heat sink shell not only determines the appearance of the LED high bay light, but also determines its heat dissipation effect. Why is the cooling effect so important to high bay lights? The high-power lighting fixtures have a very high degree of heat, which is different from the small downlights and small bulbs in our lives. Those who have a small amount of heat do not need to consider heat dissipation.

The cheap LED high bay light is made of some low-purity aluminum, which may be made of scrap, and then reduce the surface area on the heat sink. The thickness reduction can greatly reduce the metal used. However, the degree of aging of flying saucer lamps with poor heat dissipation is also increased by a multiple.

2. LED lamp beads

Some LED high bay lighting manufacturers that dump at low prices will replace them with less-powered lamp bead chips, because most customers will not test them, and the recognition of the naked eye is not high. However, if the chip is of poor quality, the sealant is easily broken and the degree of aging is also increased.

ufo high bay lighting

3.LED power drive

Good quality LED power supply can give LED high bay lights constant current regulation and corrosion resistance, while cheap drive is not only very unstable in current, but also easy to cause short circuit of industrial and mining lamp, or even explosion. In fact, customers should put quality first, and ask for a batch of cheap low-quality mining lamps to go back.

Then all the bad lights in a year will have any effect. If there is a security problem, what is the intention of the individual and the company's reputation? So the price of the UFO high bay lights should not be the first.

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