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Outdoor basketball court lighting design rules are as follows:

1, the general basketball court, directly by the distribution box out a few lighting circuits, each loop not more than 20 series light lamps and lanterns, go on the circuit breaker control direct control. 2. For a basketball court with higher class, an intelligent time controller is set in the distribution box, and the opening time of lamps and lanterns is set according to the requirements of the owner.

3.Parts: light part must find first specification "building lighting design standard" GB 50034-2004, according to the inside, to the requirement of indoor basketball court illumination and glare as well as the requirement of the lighting power density value, according to the condition of the push again use the lamps and lanterns of power and the installation of lamps and lanterns of spacing.

outdoor basketball court lighting design

How to design a basketball court lighting?


There are three main steps in outdoor basketball court lighting design:

According to the light distribution and lighting requirement of the site, the installation position of the lamps shall be determined. Whether the high width conforms to it;

The necessary optical flux calculations are conducted to determine the number and power of luminaries.

The following is a program of the method and details.

This program is only applly for Stadiums, schools, and other outdoor venues

Stadium Specifications: Length: 28 meters Width: 15 meters (standard)

A single-site basketball court lighting design:

  1. Programme Description:

Application: court, school or training venues

Use lamps: 2 × 200wLED (Model FL-CL7 × 200-6) floodlights, six sets,

  1. Setting:

6 sets of lights distributed on both sides to ensure that the need of the basketball court playing area, and achieve illumination effects for games and team training requirements.

3.Lighting arrangement plan

A single-site basketball court lighting design:

Programme Description:

Application: court, school or training venues

Use lamps: 2 × 200wLED (Model FL-CL7 × 200-6)floodlights, six sets,

          4 × 200wLED (Model FL-CL7 × 200-3) floodlights, three sets,

outdoor basketball court lighting

Calculation Method:

The point by point calculation method (see lighting calculation) is used to determine the Angle of illumination of the luminaire used, such as a floodlight, and to determine the required illumination.

For the convenience of design, the illumination value of outdoor lighting is generally based on horizontal (surface) illumination. But in many cases to see on the surface of the vertical target (such as golf and archery movement), therefore, must understand the different lighting system level (surface) generated by the intensity of illumination and vertical (surface) in proportion to the intensity of illumination.


Under normal circumstances, such as the incident light and the surface normals of less than 45 Angle, the vertical illumination (surface) and horizontal (side) in proportion to the intensity of illumination is smaller, such as more than 45, the vertical illumination (surface) and horizontal (side) in proportion to the intensity of illumination is larger.


When the installation height of the lamp is low or the irradiation Angle of the lamp is increased, vertical illumination can be increased, but at the same time, glare will be produced.


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