stadium lighting

Countermeasures for eliminating the effect of lighting flashover hazards in indoor sports venues

1, To the stadium lighting without stroboscopic hazard effect, you must choose the use of no stroboscopic energy and the impact of the stroboscopic effect of sports lights. 

2, Sports lights to want to do without stroboscopic energy and the impact of stroboscopic effect, driving field lights light-emitting Power, either DC power, or AC high-frequency energy. For AC high-frequency, theoretical analysis and practical test show that: the frequency of high-frequency electric field only in more than 40,000 weeks (Khz) above, the sports field lighting can be very small strobe energy, the sports venue lighting can not be caused by the stroboscopic effect.

3, The general driving power frequency less than 40,000 weeks (Khz), it will produce stroboscopic energy and stroboscopic effect. The lower the frequency, the more serious the frequency flashover energy and the frequency flicker effect. 50-week (Hz) power frequency AC drive luminous sports lights, the most frequent stroboscopic energy, the most serious impact of stroboscopic effect.

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