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The Much-Anticipated 2018 Russia World Cup Is In Full Swing!

In the final round of Group C of Russia’s World Cup group match, due to Peru’s early goal against Australia, France and Denmark basically confirmed the qualifying line, so the two teams played the “tacit ball.” The Danish team did not even attack in the backcourt. This caused dissatisfaction and buzz among fans in the audience. Some of the audience left early.

This French match against Peru may make you feel embarrassed, but Razorlux football field lights will never let you down! Taking advantage of the World Cup, we will give everyone a scientific knowledge of the sports lighting of a wave of football fields, so that everyone can learn more about football lighting while learning about football!

The lighting level requirements of the athletes and the audience

For athletes, they need a relatively low level of lighting; for the audience, they need a relatively high level of football field lighting, because the purpose of the audience is to watch the game, and the lighting requirements will be viewed by the audience Impact, the longer the viewing distance, the higher the lighting requirements. The degree of glare produced by a luminaire depends on the density of the luminaire, the projected direction, the number, the position viewed in the stadium, and the ambient brightness. Therefore, a professional football stadium needs to be equipped with professional football field lighting fixtures in order to achieve high luminous efficiency and low glare by controlling the light beam.

In summary, large-scale football matches have strict criteria for judging the lighting of football fields. Due to the professionalism and particularity of football sports, the selection of lighting fixtures for football fields requires special care!

As a supplier of system solutions for LED sports lighting, Razorlux has its own unique features in lighting fixtures on the football field!

4 characteristics of football field lights

Razorlux football stadium lights mainly has the following four aspects of the characteristics, and these characteristics just fit the relevant needs of football field lighting!

1, low glare; Razorlux LED sports lighting equipment developed by the light evenly distributed, built-in anti-glare, anti-overflow light device, so that viewers and players can enjoy the game in a high-quality light environment.

2, professional customization; Razorlux’s professional team will customize the matching LED sports lighting equipment according to the actual situation of the site to achieve high light efficiency and low glare.

3, safety and environmental protection; Razorlux developed LED sports lighting equipment without the risk of light bulb explosion, and does not use heavy metals such as mercury, toxic and harmful substances, no UV light damage, less light, reduce light pollution.

4, green energy, low-carbon environmental protection; Razorlux LED sports lighting equipment than the traditional metal halide lamp energy saving more than 65%, long life, instant switch start, easy to use.

Therefore, choose football field lighting, Razorlux LED sports lighting is the first choice!

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