Outdoor Stadium Lighting Solutions

Lighting plays a role in any location, but it is especially important at sporting event locations. When it comes to outdoor stadium lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are 4 suggestions to help you get the most out of your outdoor stadium lighting solutions.

• Reduce glare as much as possible.

Glare can interfere with fans being able to clearly see the action. It can also make it harder for photographers to get a great shot. Glare from lighting can even interfere with the performance of the athlete during the game. A commonly used solution that will help reduce glare is a glare shield. While they help reduce glare, they can also diminish the powerful illumination the fixture produces slightly.

A better bet is to opt for LED flood light fixturesince they create a concentrated light force with less glare than comparable halide solutions. HID lights store the majority of their energy at the center of the fixture which leads to the overpowering glare whereas LED lights have more even energy distribution throughout the fixture and lens.

• Make sure lights are directional by design.

Whether looking to redirect illumination to fall closer to the center of the field for smaller events or lights you can adjust to illuminate a wider scope of the field, the directional light should be able to be adjusted as needed. While this isn’t necessary for all lights, having a few directional lights can be a great asset.

• Make sure lights are rated for the conditions.

A major factor in choosing outdoor stadium lighting is checking the code and ratings of the lighting solutions. They need to be well-gasketed with heavy duty silicone gaskets to avoid water damage. It also helps to eliminate dust, dirt, and debris getting in the lens.

• Don’t rule out HPS solutions.

While LED offers a reliable performance, high-pressure sodium fixtures are still a popular choice. They offer a dependable lumen output with relatively low energy consumption.

HPS fixtures are also one of the longest lasting options when made with durable materials and quality manufacturing. In fact, a HPS solution may be ideal for smaller stadiums looking for a lower initial investment cost with comparative longevity to a LED.

It should be noted that high pressure sodium fixtures tend to run more on the yellow end of the color index than white. If looking for white, it is best to opt for an LED solution with that capability.

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