400W LED flood light

400W LED flood light as a modern society of energy-saving emission reduction of green environmental protection measures, but also used in various fields increasingly popular. Many people spend more than 8 hours a day working in the light, including (ultra, office buildings, airport subways, hospital schools, etc.). 

So in the selection of lamps, comfortable led flood lighting space good visual feeling, to improve the efficiency of the vital role. From the current technical level, taking into account the high efficiency and high PF value of the non-isolation, isolation drive technology abound, because the impact of price and quality is also uneven. But it is relatively difficult to make a real sense of “no strobe, high efficiency and higher PF value”.

Because the traditional IC built-in PFC correction circuit is difficult to achieve “no strobe” led flood lighting requirements, through the peripheral PFC compensation circuit (fill-valley circuit), it is possible to solve the “stroboscopic” problem, but the PF value and efficiency will be greatly reduced, thus increasing the interference with the power grid pollution and reduce the stability of the lamp.

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