LED flood light

Wholesale 400w led flood light product quality is uneven, the recall is still frequent. In view of this, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant manufacturing enterprises:

First, to keep abreast of the developed countries in Europe and the United States on LED lighting products related standards, timely communication with foreign customers, from product design, procurement of raw materials, assembly and other aspects of production, and effectively improve product quality .

The second is to seriously study the quality of all kinds of notified recall quality of products in foreign countries and give top priority to grasping the key links of quasi-quality. The blind pursuit of low price will be changed to focusing on the product itself and improving control over product quality as the direction of enterprise development.

Third, actively apply for product testing and certification, increase the detection of new products, strengthen the inspection and quarantine departments, industry associations, certification bodies contact and communication, access to the latest LED lighting products on the quality requirements and enhance the international Chinese products Market Competitiveness.

As a result, Razorlux has produced many wholesale 400 watt led flood light strictly according to the lighting requirements. So far, many projects abroad have been used. The domestic street lights including Xi’an Port Area are also the lights of our company. In terms of certification, we will not sloppy, keep up with the market pace. What the market needs certification, we will provide you with what the certificate.

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