outdoor basketball court lighting design

Outdoor basketball court lighting design is mainly five steps:

 1, the General basketball field tube, directly from the distribution box out of several lighting circuits, each circuit series of not more than 20 lamps, control the use of Circuit breaker direct control. 

2, a higher grade of basketball court, the distribution box inside the set up an intelligent timer, according to the needs of owners to set the opening time lighting. Lighting part: The lighting section must first look up the standard “architectural lighting design standards,” GB 50034-2004, according to the Indoor basketball field illuminance and glare requirements, as well as the lighting power density requirements, and then the conditions of the use of lamp power and lamp installation spacing, In fact, this should look more about lighting design books. 

Outdoor basketball court Lighting design code: You can refer to the stadium lighting design, four-sided or double-sided design, focusing on “No Shadow”, “glare” of the problem, of course, there is also a very important to meet the light illumination of the premise. 

3. According to the requirements of the light distribution and illumination of the site, determine the installation parts of the lamp and whether the high width is in line; 

4. Carry out the necessary optical pass calculation to determine the quantity and power of the lamps and lanterns;  

5. The illumination angle of the luminaire (such as floodlight) is determined by the “point by step method” (see lighting calculation), and the required illuminance value is set. For the convenience of design, the illumination value of the outdoor illumination is generally based on the level (surface) illumination degree. However, in many cases it is required to see the vertical surface of the target (such as golf and archery and other sports), it is necessary to understand the various lighting systems produced by the level (surface) illuminance and vertical (surface) illuminance ratio. 

Under normal circumstances, such as incident light and the horizontal plane of the normal angle is less than 45 o’clock, then the vertical (surface) illuminance and level (surface) illuminance ratio is smaller than 45 o’clock, then the vertical (surface) illuminance and level (surface) illuminance ratio is larger. When the basketball court lightsinstallation height is lower or the illumination angle of the lamp increases, the vertical illumination can be increased, but the glare is also generated.

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