Led Parking Lot Light Bulbs

Ready to learn more about LED Parking lot light bulbs. We are here to help you convert your parking lot lighting to LED. Do you know what should you consider while buying led parking lot light bulbs? The answer is here for you.

Total 5 Parameters We Should Consider While Buying LED Parking Lot Light Bulbs

1. Lumens Per Watt (>100 is good)

2. Power Factor (>.9 is best)

3. CRI  (above .85 is good)

4. A heat sink (Must needed with Aluminum)

5. Life of LED Chip (50,000 to 1,00,000 Hours life is now available in market)

Most important

Whether the led parking lot lights work with a dimmer, the light output in lumens (or the equivalence in incandescent watts)

Color temperature

CRI (color rendering index or the quality of the light)

less important:

watts, they’ll all be similar but a lot less than incandescents

Brand and reliability – hard to tell for the average consumer, maybe check Consumer Reports.

Color temperature and CRI are probably not really important for a parking lot illumination. Nor use with a dimmer.

There are probably recommended guidelines for illumination in parking lots.

eHow says Light Intensity  (you’ll have to convert foot candles to lumens taking into account the height, distance, and spacing

According to the website Robert A. Gardner, CPP, the minimum recommended light intensity is 1 foot-candle. In areas where there is potential damage to vehicles, 2 foot-candles is recommended. These standards are averages although no area in the parking lot should have less than a quarter of the average lamination.

 Some areas of the parking lot–loading zones, entrances, exits and even marketing signs–can be lighted to an illumination of 5 foot-candles or more.

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