high power led flood light

At any time, the continuous development of high power LED flood lights , the market has become larger and larger, and there are many places that may face a problem and will not be installed. Below I will share the installation method of high power floodlights.

Installing high power floodlights is very simple, but it has to be troublesome to install. I have seen in many places that installing LED flood lights directly installs the floodlights and then connects them.

On the power line, (color signal line) In fact, this method is correct, but because the quality of the products produced by different manufacturers are different, manypoor quality, or problematic spotlights, repeatedly installed this several times, Because it is not a technician, installation and installation do not know why the LED floodlights are not properly lit (especially the color needs to be connected to the controller).

Installation of  LED high power floodlights:

The first guarantee high power LED flood lights are good when receiving the goods. When receiving the LED high-power floodlights, try to check whether the LED floodlights are damaged or not.

   After the second spotlight is ready to be installed at the construction site, it should first organize the installer according to the installation drawings attached to the factory. First connect several spotlights and try to install the drawings correctly. If there are conditions, you can arrange one person. After the test of the Taiwanese station, it is necessary to avoid the badness after the installation upstairs, and it must be removed.

   The third is to remind the installer of the importance of fixing and wiring, especially the outdoor wiring waterproof is very important, it is best to review when fixing and wiring,

   Fourth, after the high-power LED flood light is fixed and connected, it is best to use the universal meter on the main power supply to check whether there is a wrong line.

   Fifth, after all the test light, try to brighten for a while, the next day, the third day to review again, after doing this, all are good, generally there will be no problem.

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