Football field lighting design

Football field lighting design needs to consider what issues to pay attention to the problem: the light bulb (lamp) power refers to the lamp bulb in the work of the power consumption. Usually the bulb (lamp) according to a certain power level. Rated power refers to the power consumption of the bulb (lamp) under the rated current. 

  1.  Life span is the time when the light source works when it is first energized and when it is completely lost or partially loses its use value. The light color of light source has two aspects, including color table and color rendering. The color table refers to the light emitted by the light source, that is, the color of the light seen from the appearance.
  2. Color rendering refers to the degree of visual distortion of various colors in the light of illumination, compared with the blackbody or daylight illumination with the same or near temperature. Luminous flux output is the luminous flux that occurs when the bulb is working. The luminous flux output of the light source is related to many factors, especially to the ignition time, generally the longer the ignition time, the lower luminous efficiency is the luminous flux emitted by the light bulb (lumen) and the consumption power (watts) ratio, is one of the economic parameters of artificial light source.
  1. Indoor Stadium Lights: 10000.00 football field lighting installation requirements are relatively high, the general standard of the football field is relatively large, the use of ordinary lamps are 1000W high-power lamps, replaced by LED lamps, at least to use 400W headlamps, so from the brightness and illuminance, will be more suitable for football field. Design of lighting and lighting for a five-man soccer field
  2. The need for the construction of the site lighting plays an important role in the construction of the whole stadium hall. No matter how many spectators a stadium can hold, no matter how spectacular the appearance of the building, how beautiful it is, the essence is to provide a standard and fair competition stage for the athletes of the competition, and to provide a good match for the audience.
  3. Reference to the lighting design of football field, four-sided or two-shape design, focusing on “no shadow” , “glare” problem, of course, there is also a very important thing is to meet the light illumination of the premise.

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